Hey Guys, I had my 02 Jetta up there about two weeks ago, having some alternator problems. I just wanted to say thanks and that you guys are doing a great job. The car is running greaty but if i have anymore problems, I won’t hesitate to bring it by Wolfsburg.
Thanks again =)

Arika W.,

Most of the time I know people only write emails when they are upset or disgruntled, This is not such an email. I had my car serviced there last week and was impressed by the service received. Both gentlemen I dealt with dropping my car off and picking it up were very professional and nice. I brought my Jetta TDI in there expecting to have both struts replaced because it was making an awful racket when i went over any bumps in the road. To my surprise it was just the bushing and a much less costly repair. The guys could have changed out the struts anyway and I would never known the difference. I would like to thank you for the great job you did on my car, it is like brand new again. I love my jetta and will be a repeat customer should I need any more service. Thanks again for the great job and great customer service!!!!

Lori H.,

To Jim and Patrick. I absolutely love the experience with letting you two service my 2007 VW Jetta 2.5 5-Speed. I have been turned away by my dealer on several occasions for denied warranty services.I can testify I personally saved hundres to thousands of dollars from intake manifold, transmission swap, brakes and numerous other small fixes by letting y’all service my vehicle. My dealer has screwed me over with half assed repaires and when I take my car to y’all, it gets done right!

Terrence J.,

Jim, Thank you for the service y’all provided on my car (GLI Fahrenheit) earlier today. You saved me time and money and now-a-days thats hard to come by. You will see more of me now that I know you are there.
Ithough I recognized you while I was there but didnt realize it until I was leaving. You have helped me before when you worked at Gossett on Winchester. Last time I went in and asked where you were at and all they would tell me is you had left.
As I said I will be brining my car to y’all to service from now on.

John V.,